Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leaving For Argentina !!

So my long awaited trip to Argentina is almost here. I have one more week of work, then im going to head down to dads for halloween weekend. I need to get a few things before I head off and he is going to take me to the airport. thanks dad. I leave monday the 2nd at noon I get in buenos aires at about noon on the 3rd.

Im going to hang out for a day or 2 in BA then going to head to tucuman. I miss luz too much. But I will prolly head back for a few days with her at some point maybe. she has finals while i am there so she still does have to do some studying.

I will be returning on the 26th to Sac at 11 30.

I cant wait!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

our yosemite trip

so I had a few days off this week and it wasnt looking like I was going to be the rest of the week so we decided to go to yosemite. of course as soon as i booked the hotel I got work for the 2 days we decided to go. all good though.

we took 89 to 395 and went in the east gate through tioga pass

we spent the day meandering through the park saw a few falls saw all the main stuff el cap half dome etc.

we decided the next day on our way home to go back on highway 4 and go see calaveras big tree

Friday, July 10, 2009

Luz's mom is here to visit

Luz's mom came in on tuesday she came as her birthday present to herself kinda her B-day was monday, she missed seing luz. so we have been goin around showing her the tahoe area. she will be staying with us for about three weeks

this was in tahoe city it was a nice little walk along the shore here

these were in kings beach, it was really windy the water was really choppy, but made it great for the wind boarders it was cool we got to see them setting up and to actually take off it was cool, we ate a little picnic lunch and then went on and walked around it was a fun day.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new apartment

will talk later gotta get the couch up here its in the garage below

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

its been awhile

So the past few weeks for us has been all of our friends leaving so its kinda sad... but we have been having parties and barbecues and backyard jib sessions. soo finally I have some good shots of me snowboarding.

I think this i my favorite one ^

Some pics of me pullin some grabs over some big jumps

this is me pullin a 360 over a pretty big jump to a drop

gotta love 15 burst shot cameras

Now for some pics of luz and I and some of our friends

Luz is on her way to the doctor today I believe she will be cleared to start using her wrist again at least for some stuff. She has been able to grab some stuff with it past few days.

Im getting a cold bleh and we are both working 6 days a week for right now weve been very tired lately.

we both hope the best for the 2 pregnant women. Love you all hope to hear good news from both of you.

oh just in case any of you dont have my new phone # its 530-613-4759

there are a couple videos of me at the bottom of the page also

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Luz's Update

Soo she later remembered more exactly what happened I guess she was riding the Log and started to fall backwards on the log and she put her wrist out to brace yourself and we ended up with this

its really actually an odd braek it is more what you would only see in kids almost a greenstick fracture it like slintered and the head of the radius pushed inward towards the ulna. They gave her 2 options pull traction and reset the bone or $20-$30,000 surgery, one which we could go to argentina and have done for almost nothing so we decided to have it reset she goes in for another x-ray and if it is healing properly a cast otherwise she may be going back to argentina a little sooner than we thought.

this is once they reset the bone it looks pretty good to me.

She is getting extra special love and even is getting a gift (as I was told "My mom always gets me something new when I get hurt") so as of our next check we will be going to get our tattoo's her a wave crashing over a snowy mountain, and me the family crest with some addition I will scan them tonight and post them.
She is feeling much better these days than the first at least hopefully the doctors say its healing properly come monday.
As for me luckily we are getting snow and LOTS of it, not only for the fresh Pow days but also means I can work on saturday and sunday shoveling for $20/hr
thanks for your prayers, hope everyone is doing good

Friday, February 6, 2009

another update

well not much has been going on up here, the little snow we have been getting has just barely strung us along. but we have tried to make the best of it. well and hopefully it keeps up what is going on right now as I write this. its dumping pretty good right now.
here are some pictures..... and at the end you get the latest bad news ='(
my buddy has a camera that will take 15 shots real fast so have been getting some use out of it

little butter action

the log has injured more ski schoolers this year than guests I think, well add one more

today, Luz broke her arm, I will have more of an update tommorrow as I'm not exactly sure
what/how its broke but from what I gathered it was a spiral fracture just above the wrist. right now they are ressetting and casting it up. keep my baby in your prayers hope that it feels and heals well.