Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leaving For Argentina !!

So my long awaited trip to Argentina is almost here. I have one more week of work, then im going to head down to dads for halloween weekend. I need to get a few things before I head off and he is going to take me to the airport. thanks dad. I leave monday the 2nd at noon I get in buenos aires at about noon on the 3rd.

Im going to hang out for a day or 2 in BA then going to head to tucuman. I miss luz too much. But I will prolly head back for a few days with her at some point maybe. she has finals while i am there so she still does have to do some studying.

I will be returning on the 26th to Sac at 11 30.

I cant wait!


Sammie said...

Wow, so happy for you both. Is Luz coming back to USA with you?
So glad to hear about the scholarship that you won! That's great!
Have a great trip. Would love to see you when you get back. I know it is getting to be your busy season though.

Josh Wight said...

no luz will be returning on dec 8 she still has a final early dec.
we will definetly make time to come down there once she gets back. been workin 6 -7 days a week for past 2-3 months cant wait to go to Argentina for some vacation time.